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Using social media for business – twitter tips

Posted on07. Apr, 2011 by .


Twitter is a powerful means of connecting and engaging with your customers or the demographic that are your potential customers but with such an open platform its easy to make mistakes when starting out.

This is not Field of  Dreams.  If you build a twitter account people won’t automatically come to read your 140 characters of wisdom – you need to provide some value.  Content is king!

Don’t over promote.  Twitter is not about broadcasting (unless you’re incredibly famous) – if you’re only ‘spamming’ with links to your blog and products you’re doing it all wrong.

To follow back or not to follow back?  This is a much debated issue but my view is, in most cases, its rude not to follow back if someone has chosen to click that little green button on my profile.  It’s like snubbing someone who says hello in the street.  Of course if they’re an obvious spammer or have completely different interests then it’s always possible to unfollow at a later date.

Twitter is all about engagement and building relationships if you genuinely want to use it as an effective marketing tool.  Spend more time listening, sharing and acknowledging your customers than talking about yourself.

Make up your mind.  If this is your business twitter account why are you following movie stars and not your customers/potential customers?

Give value and share information.  Be generous and share links on subjects related to your business.  Think about your customers, what else might they be interested in besides you?

Ask yourself this before you tweet – would I care about this if this wasn’t my business?

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Facebook vanity

Posted on03. Apr, 2011 by .


I hate the term vanity url.  It reminds me of vanity publishing, back in the days before lulu.com, when ‘vanity’ publishers would charge a fortune to produce 500 copies of a book that had been rejected by mainstream publishing houses.  Self publishing has become decomocratised these days, no longer a privilege of the rich.  But I digress….  Facebook allows a page owner to claim a vanity url once their page has been liked by 25 ‘fans’.  This enables you to change from an untidy and impossible to remember url consisting of a string of numbers to something more straightforward.  However, if you’re frustrated at having to wait until 25 fans hit that Like button there is a workaround you can use in the short term if your blog/website is self hosted.   Just go into the file manager of your control panel and make a directory in the root called, for example, facebook.  Now go to the redirect section of the control panel and point the facebook directory to the pesky long url of your facebook page.  Simples!  Here’s my example: http://connectry.com/facebook Not perfect but better than nothing while you wait for the magic 25 :-)

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